Bomgar Alternative SimpleHelp is awesome

I started 10 years ago as customer support for company in the Omaha Metro. Back then we used a hardware device by Network Streaming if I remember correctly. It was awesome, seriously the best remote support tool I'd used.

In my opinion, it was awesome, and today is still one of the best tools for remote support.

My company was growing a bit, we needed about 10 additional licenses to keep ahead of the game in support and I was told by the sales guy I was too small for deals, but if I needed 20-30 let him know because ya know quota.

I decided it was time to look elsewhere for a self hosted remote support solution for my growing userbase. I have over 1000 remote access machines, a mix of Linux and Windows.

I had another issue, sometimes when writing custom applications for a not widely used product, you need access to data sources. At the time if we had to use Bomgar everything had to be done through the client window, all capture apps needed to run on the local box, it was a pain.

We are a Linux shop and do all kinds of weird development, with all kinds of 3rd party programs we have to interface with. All SQL had to be done on the client if the SQL server was not accessible off network, AKA behind a firewall. Meaning developers would have to install TON of different utilites and programs, and make an developement envrironment from with in the clients network. It worked, lets just say that.

But it's still Windows tools, on a Windows desktop... I'm a Linux guy...

Enter Simplehelp, more info here: you can check out some of the screenshots and info but it's friggen great. I can log into a remote machine, port forward remotehostname:80 to 80 on my local machine and go to town. It doesn't matter the port, it'll happily forward it to the user running the technician console's PC.

The client runs on Windows, and Linux. It allows monitoring and alerting of client machines. Toolbox allows users to write and share scripts, a must-have for a busy support department for level 3's are scripting, and level 1's and level 2's are running them to install software, clean up and remove software, training.

My top features I really use a ton are port forwards, and the remote access service which allows you to log in and save a machine, so you can remotely support it later.

Remote clients can be added rolled out easily using salt automation, deployment scripts, etc. across Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about SimpleHelp, let me know if you use it now. Contact me if you'd like a renewal quote. I take online payments using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypay, and Bank Draft. I'll send you a quote, invoice you, and you pay in my portal.

I also offer SimpleHelp training if you have questions please ask away.

Contact me for your free trial of the full version of SimpleHelp, my contact form is here

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