A history of sadness, or how I started selling 3CX.

I've been a  3CX user for a couple years for my day job now. I'm sysadmin for a small company in the Omaha Metro area. Back in the day we used an old Northstar Meridian phone system, and a couple T1's. I remember having to come in every morning and try and figure out which analog card needed to be reseated to get faxes working again.

Day by day the clock would drift on the phones and someone would complain. Back then we had a "phone guy" we'd call, he'd dial into the Meridian, and get the time set and do some other odds and ends, and send us an invoice.

I ended up finding the phone system books, hard cover even so I could figure out what commands did reset the time.

When a new employee would start it'd be a pain to get everything set up. It sucked.

Then one day the Meridian died...

Meet Cudatel.

I was always looking for a phone system that you didn't need 3 years of college for, yet the boss or almost anyone could figure out. it was great! We used it for about 4 years and it was a good product. For the most part we had few complaints.

But then... it happened :(

Barracuda released an EOL announcement, support stopped and we were alone... lol

After constant internal user complaints, phone system attack attempts, and the Barracuda Phone System no longer being supported, and no longer getting security updates we had a problem... A BIG ONE...

well, I had a problem. We currently run a fairly busy customer support and sales departments, with around 20-30 employees using around 30,000 minutes a month, and 80,000 minute a month Asterisk server, but I just didn't want something that only I could manage. So I shot in the dark for 3CX on the call center side, and I'm honestly glad I did. I just wanted to show you a couple screenshots.

This is a view of the admin console, it's got a nice clean look. This is where you provision phones, add users, etc.
Contacts is a nice central list of all contacts, which is shared between users. It's very easy to add and push contacts to all users.
The People tab is great to see who is on, what the are doing, and who the are talking to. A call can be ended from here, listened in on. Recorded, etc. Recordings are saved to a locally mounted server location.
The switchboard give you a nice overview of all call groups, inbound queues, etc. Agent status is also clearly shown.

I think it's one of the cleanest looking phone systems we've looked into. Ease of use is top of the charts so we pulled the plug, swiped the card and went to town on getting everyone set up.

We had exiting Polycom 450, 550, and 650's on site for reps, managers, etc. But sadly we had to get rid of them. We didn't NEED to for our local site, but they don't work with any of the more advanced features the 3CX Phone System does. Like calling from the UI... which was a deal breaker.

I did quite a bit of research on phones, looking at screen quality, call quality, cost, etc. It'd be hard to beat the voice quality of Polycom as well...

I decided on the following (what I'd call budger sub $200) SIP phones:

  • Yealink T29 - Representitives, BT compatible
  • Yealink T46G - Manager, BT compatible
  • Snom 821 - Devs, they don't answer anyways
  • Yealink T21G - Cheap phones for home, remote sites, cheap.

And for the most part, they have worked admirably. All of them support POE, which I really wanted. Out of the 40 we configured, I've only had one or two have a weird issue where they go to sleep and never wake up on POE, but worked fine plugged in.

I'm still looking for a decent cheap conference room phone to replace our old "calculator humping a starfish" looking Polycom, so if you know of a decent cheap phone you've tried let me know please.

Other than that, if you are looking for a decent phone system, looking for custom programming, webhosting, web design, or anything please let me know.

I can issue free trial keys, if you would like to try 3CX please let me know using the contact form on my business site here.

If you buy a 16+ simultaneous call system I'll offer phone assistance for questions, I also offer per hour contact help in blocks of 5 hours to set everything up if you need help. contact me for a quote on your new PBX!

contact: https://reiners.tech/contact
email: justin@reiners.io
Phone: 402-999-4790

PS - Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have. I specialize in Linux based 3CX installs, I prefer to use Linux wherever I can, it's very stable, and dependable. 3CX can also be run on a Windows server. I've never had it crash on me on Linux. If you need help setting up a Linux install. Please let me know.

I have an install for a customer running within Google Compute Engine, GCP it runs solid, and backups are a breeze.

I'm also hosting another 3CX instance on Digital Ocean for another Omaha business. The machine requirements are small for all my 3CX installs, requiring 1-2 CPU's and about 4GB of RAM for 30-40 users or more.