Install Ubuntu Linux WSL2 on Windows 11

How do I install WSL on Windows 10 or 11?

First enable virtualization in your BIOS, it's best to keep it on if you plan on using virtual machines.

If you want a quick install of Ubuntu inside of windows 10 or 11, open powershell as admin and type

wsl --install --d Ubuntu

It'll ask you to create a username for your linux system, once done, just open terminal whenever you want to use your linux system, click the drop down, and select ubuntu.

Under terminal settings, you can set the terminal to open on boot Ubuntu automatically, so your systemd services get started, like ssh for example.

How do I install openssh server on Ubuntu on wsl:

sudo apt install -y openssh-server

I'm normally a Linux desktop guy, I had a large deployment of Centos Linux machines for an automotive inventory managment project, PopOS, Fedora and Ubuntu have been my daily drivers for years, but recently I took the Windows 11 plunge and I'm actually enjoying it, with WSL2 along side.

I'm still a pure Linux guy, and it feels a little slower than a Linux Install on a Linux Kernel but it's a step in the right direction from a Cygwin install.