Is Emrit HNT Mining worth it?

So, I gotta admit, I'm into mining crypto, normally I have 2 GPU's mining for me all the time on Rainbow Miner, I usually use Zpool and Nicehash for BTC.

To keep my itch going on mining, I started mining Helium Tokens, or HNT, I purchased my Miner from for $500 or so, its using the default antenna, I also paid for the upgraded "Pay me more" option, that increases payout you keep to 70%.

I've been running my miner since May, I've got a clean area and a nicely covered city.

In 5 months, I've gotten paid 8.5HNT, or about $32 at current conversion rates.

Their dasboard page is a little weird, and the android wallet sometimes forgets my info till I restart it, and it also displays twice the payout for some reason lol, ever since I got it,

I moved my miner from the bedroom to the garage attic, and every since it's been duplicated, even the mining history is over what I've mined.

I joined their chat to let them know, others have seen similar issues, but for me it seems they do pay me correctly.

Would I recommend spending $500 on this? not again, unless I owned a bunch of rental homes or something, the return on investment will take way too long as the HNT keeps dropping, I'll most likely keep it running due to the fact it's helping the network, and I do get paid consistantly, but if you dont have multiple locations you can host this thing, it's just not worth it in my mind, this is even more true if you take a smaller percentage of payout.

Thanks for stopping!