Workaround for broken Windows 10 VPN

If you from time to time have issues connecting remotely on windows 10 clients and are tired of pulling your hair out, read ahead.

We recently installed a Unifi Security Gateway XG at the office, since COVID-19 hit I've had 2 of my remote users constantly have issues connecting to the VPN, we tried everything from sfc /scannow to rebooting on many occasions.

The issue presents itself to the user as a timeout connecting to server even when the server is alive with real users connected.

The fix for us:

  1. Create a desktop shortcut to connect by right clicking on the Windows desktop to C:\windows\system32\rasphone.exe
  2. Double click your new shortcut, It'll open the windows vpn connection window, click connect and it'll magically connect when it won't with the task bar shortcut.

This bug has caused me more greif since we all went home.

I hope it helps someone else.


In these trying times, if you need help with your networks, security, remote access, phone systems, etc please